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iOS Development Resources - 9th May 2013

Romain Briche

How Romain gets any time to do anything other than collate awesome development-related blog posts, Github repos and tools, I have no idea, given the torrent of great links he shares.


Hosted documentation for Objective-C libraries from the makers of CocoaPods.

Ray Wenderlich - iOS and Gaming Tutorials

Update : Ray’s team have been hard at work and have recently updated the look and feel of the site, making it easier to read and navigate, hence the new screenshot!

When I first ventured into developing for iOS, it was using an old 2006 white iMac, a copy of Xcode 3.2 and what was then a very early version of Cocos2D. While this was probably not the best introduction to object-oriented programming or games development, I did find some solace in the excellent tutorials on Ray’s site.

That was two years ago and those few game development tutorials and sole author have expanded into a group of contributors across a number of subjects, aimed at a variety of levels and subjects. Gaming is still a core part of the site, but many tutorials also cover more broad topics that will benefit even hardened developers. One even more admirable trait of the site is to continuously update older tutorials where they can be improved by newer iOS versions.

I highly recommend a visit and that you sign up for the newsletter.