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The Only Way Through Is Out

In four weeks time, I’ll be somewhere I’ve been only once before in my life - unemployed. But this is the best kind of unemployment; the kind that comes with excitement, fear and an opportunity to do something new.

While my 10 years in Business Intelligence have given me an awesome insight to working with data and it’s interpretation, I quickly came to the realistation that nothing gives me as much of a buzz as building software. After a few years of dabbling with iOS development, I knew that I’d never get the opportunity to focus my time and efforts into something substantial if I continued to try to squeeze development into my ever-dwindling spare time. I have a history in programming (although I’m not sure Uniface counts) and as soon as I held my first iOS device, I knew I had found my platform of choice and that I wanted to build apps, whether for myself or others.

While considering a serious career change, I was spurred on by the many recounting of previous cases where people had changed thier own direction, many of which crept into the podcasts I was listening to. While Quit! frequently dished out great advice aimed at people already of this thinking, it was actually a fantastic episode of the Generational podcast that got me really considering a huge change in my life.

Jason Permenter and Gabe Weatherhead discussed moves from careers in science to other totally unrelated arenas, but it was Jason recounting how he knew that going into graphic design would scratch his creative itch that switched the lightbulb on. This was exactly what I was feeling and I knew that I had to do something about it.

I’ve also been attending the fantastic Auckland iOS Developer Meetup for a few months and just getting to meet members of the vibrant NZ developer community, hearing their stories and soaking up the valuable advice has only added to my own notion that I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do.

So, after much consideration, I decided the time had come to make my move. As of June 14th, I am proud to say that this almost-middle-aged BI Leader will become an independent iOS developer. I’m focussing on getting my first product onto the App Store which I hope will open up all sorts of possibilites from there.

It’s not quite canon, but my version is wholly appropriate - the only way through is out.