[self developApps];

Laid Out Automatically

I’ve spent the best part of the past week watching session videos from WWDC 2013, primarily to understand the differences between designing apps for iOS 6 and 7. While there were a number of common themes that propagated many of the sessions repeatedly, the one that seemed to be non-negotiable was for developers to transition their app layouts to use Auto Layout. Even the tone in which this was said was usually more stern and I half-expected the phrase “woe betide” to be used whenever it was raised.

iOS Development Resources - 2nd June 2013


Most developers rely on external libraries for development, many of which are hosted as open source repositories on GitHub. The old, manual process of checking out a repo and adding it to your Xcode project, while not the worst, could lead to a lot of work to maintain repos as they were updated or reworked.

Cocoapods automates the process of including libraries into your project by creating a static library project with the requisite libraries included. It also creates a new Xcode workspace, incorporating your project and the Cocoapod library and linking the library to your project.

The Only Way Through Is Out

In four weeks time, I’ll be somewhere I’ve been only once before in my life - unemployed. But this is the best kind of unemployment; the kind that comes with excitement, fear and an opportunity to do something new.


A couple of months ago, I followed what I thought was a fairly innocuous link on Twitter to a site called NSScreencast. How wrong I was…

The site, curated and created by Ben Scheirman, offers weekly video podcasts on a variety of iOS development topics. Ben offers a few episodes for free, with the mainstay of the site’s content being accessed by taking out a subscription. The cost is a relatively meagre $9 a month, which nets you a new episode each week. If you’re a new subscriber, you also have the added bonus that your first month’s subscription fee gives you access to all prior episodes.